March 8, 2014

Faith Family Life Center – The Story

We have moved!

The opportunity to own our own church building in Rogers, MN has come to pass.

10925 Trail Haven Road, Rogers, MN

Come Visit Us and see what God has done.

Faith Family Life Center was launched in March of 2014 when Pastor Mark and Laurie Lillo obeyed the call to start a new church in Monticello, MN. The mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, to teach them who they are in Christ and how to hear and know the will of God for themselves. Faith Family Life Center’s church family has grown to become a family that is godly, loving, and faithful. Pastors Mark and Laurie have a desire to share what the Lord has done in their lives with those who want to experience the life of God and His purpose for themselves. “I know the God of a second, third, fourth chance” says Pastor Mark. “What He has done for me He will do for you!”

“Our call is to help others hear and know the will of God for themselves.”

Pastor Mark grew up in the Buffalo/Monticello area. After he pastored for 20 years at a large metro-church, Mark desired to come back to Monticello to pioneer a church. He loves to share the Word and Promises of God that not only changed him, but will also bring the hope of a better life and future for others.