About Us

Family Life Center is a non-denominational church located in Rogers, Minnesota.

Our Mission

To teach and demonstrate through the Word and Spirit how to know God, live for God, and fulfill the call of God.

Our Vision

For everyone to know God, His will, and purpose for their life.

Our Beliefs

What we believe has everything to do with our experience of life.

Our Team

Mark + Laurie Lillo

Mark + Laurie Lillo

Senior + Associate Pastors

Trish & Tony Bosquez

Trish & Tony Bosquez

Financial Director / Ambassador Ministry

Our Story

“The Lord shall command a blessing upon thee… shall establish thee”

Faith Family Life Center was launched in March of 2014 when Pastor Mark and Laurie Lillo obeyed the call to start a new church. The mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, to teach them who they are in Christ and how to hear and know the will of God for themselves. Faith Family Life Center’s church family is godly, loving, and faithful. Pastors Mark and Laurie have a desire to share what the Lord has done for them, with others who want to experience  God’s goodness, forgiveness, healing and discover His purpose for themselves. “I know the God of a second, third and fourth chance…” says Pastor Mark. “What He has done for me He will do for you!”

Our first building

You are welcome here.

It can be difficult to visit a new church, not knowing who you will meet, what is the format, or where the kids go. When you roll onto our parking lot, though, you can expect to be welcomed as family!

We gather together on Sunday mornings at 10 am and on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm. We gather for snacks, conversation, and time with the faith family at 9am on Sundays and after the main and midweek services. Services begin with praise and worship, offering (no obligation or pressure, just come be our guest!), then a message from the Bible that relates to your everyday life. We want you to feel welcomed. Most importantly, we want you to experience God’s presence and get to know him personally, as family.

Address: 10925 Trail Haven Road, Rogers, MN 55374

Email: info@fflcenter.org
Phone: 763-428-2295